#MondayMotivation: 25 Tweets about #BbNaija’s Tobi and Cee-c that should inspire you this week

#MondayMotivation: 25 Tweets about #BbNaija

You don’t need to watch the on-going 2018 Big Brother Naija reality show before you know about the names Tobi and Cee-c.


And as you may have read online, a muscular Tobi who has been Head of House for two weeks consecutively is always begging and apologising to his partner, Cee-c and in two weeks in the house, he has been curved by Cee-c more times than we can count.


Many fans of the show have concluded that Tobi is in an abusie relationship with Cee-c and he’s even been expelled from the Yoruba Demons Associaltion.


Below are at least 25 amazing tweets that best captures the situation which may also set you in the right frame of mind for the new week,…

Cee Cee is emotionally abusing Tobi.

That’s a classic example of an abusive relationship mehn.

Cee-Cee took the controls of Tobi’s mumu button, reconfigured it and removed the battery.

Nahhh, Cee-C has dragged Tobi enough. Tobi’s away form is do bad like Arsenal, he’s only a player in Unilag, see him in South Africa, very powerless. They’re dragging him ontop kiss

This is embarrassing for Tobi’s friends and family. If Tobi were my son, I’d go to South Africa, find that house and drag him out by the ears.

TBH Men, we are shouting Cee C this, Cee C that. now, you see what it feels like when u do this to a woman. What Cee C is doing to Tobi is what we call “Emotional abuse”.. You will trick them, make them feel less of themselves, blackmail their emotions, just to gain advantage

Dear Big Brother,

Consider this as a HUMBLE request from concerned Nigerians.

Please unpair Tobi from the toxic web of CeeC so that he may attain his purpose in the show.

RT to sign this petition

Cee-C called tobi a “MESSY KID” this one has passed friend zone this is children zone

CeeC :Tobi why have not brought my food this morning?
Tobi :I’m sorry let me go and bring it.
Ceec: Sorry for what? You need to be taught a lesson.
Tobi :Please.. Please.. I’m sorry.. I’m very sorry, it won’t happen again.. I’m sorry
CeeC:sorry for yourself
Viewers :

Cee-C: Tobi don’t drink the beer,if u drink it don’t come upstairs tonight

Tobi: OK

Tobi’s Father:

Miracle:Una never kiss bah
Tobi:Na just peck peck peck peck peck peck peck peck 😭😢
Miracle:For how long
Tobi:Not even one deep kiss
CeeC:What have you done to deserve it😭😂
video below

Every minute, Tobi has to beg CeeC for one thing or the other. Kilode! What kind of juju is this?as in I am not getting this

Tobi’s stats in the House:
Minutes – 15,850
Head of House – 2
Wagers won – 0
Body count – 0
Kisses – 0
Pecks on Cheek – 6
Hugs – 30
Lap dance – 1
Apologies to CeeC – 666
Housemate saves – 1@OptaBBNaija

After watching the Samvita ad with miyonse, nxt year ad will be omo detergent advert with Tobi washing Ceec stained pants & bras.

Dear Tobi,
I regret to inform you that when you appear on that nomination list, we will not vote for you.

This is because you have shown that if you win the 45 million you will give it to CeeC.

It seems she has partnered with your village people to make you foolish!

Wait Tobi hasnt seen anything wrong in Ceec calling him a Messy Kid? His brain obviously has left his head

Heritage bank 👍👍 you really train Tobi very well, he knows how to beg customer (CeeC).

Even CeeC doesn’t understand why she makes Tobi apologize to her every time 🙆🏾‍♀️
Please how is she a lawyer when she can hardly complete a sentence or explain herself?

Tomorrow TOBI will be like : CeeC I’m very sorry that LOLU cried yesterday 


This video completely explain that Tobi has been manipulated by ceec.

The way tobi talk,his look & ceec reaction is that of a little boy & that wicked aunty that will always want to punish you for punishing sake @ any given chance.

i want tobi evicted, not cos i hate him. But:
1. Cos of CeeC
2. He needs to go for delivery in prayer city.
3. He needs formatting

When Tobi goes back to Nigeria next Sunday because of CeeC, the guys in Naija will be waiting like this 😂😂😂😂

Stupid Tobi doesn’t deserve to leave because of CeeC, he needs to redeem himself. We seriously need a swap of partners.Tobi deserves to showcase himself beyond CeeC’s witchcraft

CeeC just told Tobi that he will make him disappear, the Ode is laughing thinking its a joke.. He doesn’t know the power of her village people have gotten to that level.. Na wa oh!

CeeC : I”m soo angry I didn’t win the game tonight
Tobi : It’s not about the game you..
CeeC: Keep quiet,go and wash my pant and bra

They way Tobi is lying his head on CeeC thats how Delilah took Samson Strength

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