I don’t have Christmas in itself. No, who can hate a month like this, so (supposedly) filled with joy and cheer? (I’m not rolling my eyes, it’s the dust.)

There are some things about the season that do get on my every last nerve though.

At the risk of sounding like the Grinch, Christmas is not all fun and celebration. there are some things about this season that really sucks. What should be a season of rest turns into a season of extreme stress. Nobody has to remind you that after the debauchery of the season, you have the brokeness of January to look forward to.


Oh my God, if I hear one more Christmas carol I am going to projectile vomit! They are everywhere! Yes, yes, we know it’s Christmas and Christ is born in Bethlehem (actually wasn’t born in December, but okay). There’s no need to shove that reminder down my throat every five steps I make.

And can someone come up with more creative music for the season-sans the sleigh bells and tinkles? Please, for the sake of my sanity.


We’re all supposed to be happy, happy, happy!!! Happy, everyone! One can’t even frown in peace this season without raising brows. What?! What if I want to brood with a thundercloud over my head? It’s an independent country dammit!

The pressure to be joyful is ironic, because this happens to be the season where most people are depressed. If we would just be ourselves, regardless of the season, I think everyone would be a lot happier. But what do I know?


Tis’ the season! Is it even Christmas if fuel prices don’t triple-with the attendant hike in transportation prices? Tis’ the season to queue up for streets on end and for days on end, just hoping for a few litres of fuel to power cars and generators. I mean, even with the hike in prices, fuel is an essential commodity in this country and so we still rush after it.

The most annoying thing is that this scarcity is artificial, imposed on us by our fellow citizens who know that if fuel is withheld, it can be sold at a higher price. They are making a killing, and we are sheep.


Tis’ also the season for every little thing to increase in price. Food items, shoes, clothes, transport prices, every little thing becomes an avenue for desperate graspers to make money. And since the demand is high, the season is also very lucrative.


Well, well, well. To buy all the things needed for the season, don’t we need money? Most of that money is in the banks. Most of those banks are struggling to keep up with increased demand where people are not depositing enough. See where I’m going with this?

The ATM queues are crazy! People leave their houses in the morning just to stand at ATMs that are not working yet. They do this in the faint hope that the bank will fix the problem soon and they can withdraw.

Sigh, I am so over this season. Can January come already?