New Word Alert!

Covfefe: (adj) more than is necessary, normal, and desirable; immoderate

Synonyms: excessive, unhealthy.

Example: He dumped the covfefe habit of drinking.

I brought out to phone to call Ese, the black beauty I met at the bank yesterday. We got talking as the clumsy Diamond staff at the customer care desk searched for our debit cards, we both came to collect our cards seized at the ATM outside. I found her charming and beautiful, and requested for her number.

My weakness is just plain beautiful women, and most times it’s not even about the sex (which is always a sure win) but about the memories, the quick fix. And I sort of hoard memories, ‘cause they are the only things you’ve got to cuddle whenever one of us tires out. But I’m perfectly mature with the way I handle my personal matters; I’m not into body count like most millennials are and I respect boundaries.

The vibration of my cellphone dragged me to reality, phone in hand, me sitting behind a desk facing a desktop, and suddenly remembering how much I hate my job. It was Sophia, the girl I met last week at Neon Lights night club. I switched on my bleh mode and picked the call. She wanted us to meet for a date and all the mushy mushy talk; I ended the call without giving her a definite answer though. The thing is, I just want to have fun, to forget all about not liking my job, to forget the fact that I was disowned by my family when I came out to them, to forget that loneliness is the only familiar feeling that keeps me awake at 3.am, and I make the women I hook up with know that. I don’t lie about my intentions, neither do i raise their hopes. We just live in the moment, and when it’s over I move on with the memories.

I dialed Ese’s number and she picked up, speaking in that tone that brings a smile to my soon to be lucky face. We talked on the phone for some minutes and by the end, I had a date, and an invitation to come over.

Will I ever tire of this? Nah! I don’t think so. And the “taming” in this piece is ironical.