We have talked about the things women do that men find sexy, and you loved it. If you’re a man and you’re wondering what makes you attractive, we gatchu, and so we bring you some of the subtle things that women find sexy. Listen up boys, you’re on.


Mm hmm, you know how that cologne turns us on. The earthy, leathery, spicy, manly scent just does it for women. Don’t scrimp on smelling good, guys, we don’t want a nose full of your sweaty stink when you pass by.

We also love a groomed man. Pay attention to your clothes, beards, your teeth, your breath, your skin, your general health and well being. Working out regularly should not be about getting ripped to show off, it should be about keeping fit and genuinely taking care of your self.


Call it a biological imperative, call it instinct, we don’t care. All we know is that seeing you cradle that baby with so much love and care makes us moist. This also translates to your cat, or your puppy. We just like to see men nurture.


I mean,  hearing you throw in those swear words into your sentences is hot as f**k. I’m not talking about a marathon of pissy, malevolent language, but using those words constructively when expressing yourself: emphatically making your point while showing how passionate you are about what you’re saying. It shows you are imaginative and intelligent at the same time, and we love that.


We like to see you elegant, it together, looking smart and cool and in charge in that suit. We especially love when it is well cut and of a good fit-with or without a tie. Pair that up with glasses and you are a chick magnet.


You don’t know much we love a man who can get down and take care of himself, a man who is as proficient in bed as he is in the kitchen. Who doesn’t love getting breakfast in bed? Not me! In addition to that, watching him tidy up and clean when things are getting messy is just about the hottest. A man that cooks brings a sigh of longing to me every time.


A man that can make a woman laugh is one that can keep her. We want to know that you can be lighthearted and fun too, that it is not all deep conversations and frowny faces with you every time. While we appreciate the depth and conversations, we also want to laugh.


When we see by your words and your actions that you are genuinely respectful, that you treat women as your equals, it makes us feel safe. Women like to feel safe, and when they can be comfortable with you knowing that your ego does not need constant stroking, that is sexy.

Now you know that we are not impressed by your big talk and offensive jokes, so do the needful.