And the recent harassment reports from the UK parliament got me wondering why the issue of sexual harassment is trending currently, who knew it needed just an exposure of Harvey Weinstein’s dirty underwear to let all hell loose, and now there is the revolutionary MeToo hashtag.

And I can’t help but ask, what is seriously happening? Who knew the number of women who have been assaulted was this high, and why is it that none of them has said anything about these abuses until an unfortunate Weinstein came calling with his almighty dirtiness?

Our world is one where silence is the best option for abused women; just imagine the stigma and the shaming that comes with being given that ‘assaulted’ tag. You might want to argue that most of these women are liberated and successful, why keep silent then. But the truth is that most of these women were young, desperate and still trying to be successful when these assaults happened, and the men were literally gods, powerful with towering influences. They can make and break the careers of these women.

Then there is the MeToo campaign which has seen thousands of women coming out to share their assault stories, and this betrays a rather saddening truth. It shows a society where all women are stamped with one identity, are assaulted and shamed together, a world where women are shamed for being victims of abuse. It belies a world where sexism is normal place, and men play gods.

And I imagined the guts it took women like Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and others to fight a big personality like Harvey Weinstein, such rare bravery that has inspired thousands of women to share traumatic stories that they have repressed for years. It has also ushered in a breath of fresh air as the mass purge of these vile beings continues in the American entertainment industry. I’m happy and I hope this movement moves to every corner of the globe.

We need to build a more accommodating and less intimidating world for women, a world where women are listened to and are taken seriously. And mind you, MeToo is not just a trend, it’s a revolution baby!