Lust is you going all cave man and hot at the sight of Nicki Minaj’s naked body, and then running away when you see the body is covered with ugly looking rashes. While love is you sticking with Taylor Swift, knowing fully well that there is nothing left of her reputation.

Love is deep, deeper if you want to go all philosophical. Love is sincere, almost too innocent for such vile world.  Love is encroaching, love tries too hard; wanting to meet your family members, your friends. Love is delusional, because it believes you are the best thing to happen to happen to it. Love is emotional, lots of tears and confession of feelings that make you feel naked in its eyes. Love is a brave idiot, doing stupid things for you. Love makes you feel lofty, suspended in time and space. Love is intense and violating, though in a good way. Love is a science freak, it knows chemistry, physics and its siblings. Love is attachment, a leap of faith. And when love leaves, it leaves your hurting and broken.

While lust is arrogant, shallow, materialistic, and a fake ass acquaintance. Lust is self-centered, and an effing dandy. Lust is not even a friend, it doesn’t even wait to eat dinner with your family. Lust is smooth, calling you beautiful and hot right before you do it, but forgets to call you after the sex. Lust is one-sided and most times unequal. Lust makes you strive painstakingly to be perfect. Lust loves the humanities, along with the individuality and extra-talent. When lust leaves, it leaves you feeling stupid and used, with the option of either losing your self-esteem or becoming stronger.

But this is not to say that love cannot show some features of lust, it is a subjective feeling. While lust can still shed some faux skin and graduate to become love. So choose wisely.