Potiphar’s wife would sit watching through the blinds as a half-naked Joseph washed his Oga’s chariots and tend to the horses, his youthful vigour and muscular hands aroused her desires, and awakened a strange need in her. And on nights when Potiphar remembers to perform his duties, she would climax thinking of Joseph.

She both needed and wanted Joseph, but the problem was that Joseph liked to cover up too much. Fucking Jewish boy. The only time he would ever show his flawless body was when he wanted to take his bath, and she didn’t like that. So she told her husband about it, but the pudgy bastard freaked out at the thought of a half-naked Joseph roaming his house with his wife at home, it seemed he noticed Joseph’s body too.

So Potiphar’s wife came up with a plan, and she suddenly fell sick on the day Potiphar was to follow Pharaoh on an ambassadorial visit to the land of the Amalekites. Potiphar had informed her that he would stay for one week on the road, she faked a sad face and promised to miss his fat ass. But Immediately Potiphar left, she banned all servants from entering her chambers except for Joseph. Joseph would bring her breakfast of carrots, cucumber and dry dates in bed, Joseph would clean the room and change the sheets. But nothing disturbed Joseph more than the glaring temptation he faced inside the room every day, Potiphar’s wife was always few clothes away from complete nakedness.

And on the third day, she reached out for his D as he poured water for her bath. But Joseph shifted away from her itchy hands. She told him to sit down and remove his jacket.

Joseph still stood not answering.

“Joe baby, did you hear me at all?’

Still Joseph did not answer.

So she made to remove the jacket herself.

But he inched away.

“Do you want me to tell your Oga you tried to rape his wife?’ she asked, with a hint of mischief to her voice.

“But madam, man’s not hot”.