And the list continues, moving from hetero-sex to queer sex, so bring out your pens and get ready to learn.

Basket shopping– This is a British slang has to do with checking someone out. It has to do with checking out for dick prints or for details of the private areas of someone you fancy through their clothes.

Bambisexuality– This refers to physical interaction that centers more on touching, caressing, than on genital sexuality.

Chapstick lesbian– This term refers to a queer woman who is muscular or athletic, is not into make-up and prefers to go natural.

Cottaging– This slang covers hooking up in public toilets. Now that’s gross!

Eyeball queen-This is used to refer to someone who derives pleasure from watching people have sex. Speak of voyeurism.

Full house-This slang has to do with having two or more sexually transmitted diseases at once.

Gilette Blade-This term refers to a bisexual woman.

Hetty– A shortened form of heterosexual. Who said they are the only ones to dish it out?

Iron closet– This term is used to refer to someone who is in deep denial of his or her sexuality, someone that might never come out.

Johnson Bar-Used to refer to a dildo.

Kiki– This term refers to a lesbian who is comfortable with either a passive or aggressive partner.

Lacy– This is used to refer to a very effeminate homosexual male. Just like a “flaming queen”.

Missionary Work– This refers to an attempt by a gay man or a lesbian to seduce a hetty of the same sex.

Sappho DaddyO– This is used to refer to a homosexual male who enjoys the company of lesbians.

Orphan– This term refers to someone who has recently been dumped.

Vegetarian– This refers to a gay man who would never give oral.

Vampire-This term is used to refer to gay men who patrol the streets late at night looking for hookups.