What most parents don’t understand is that children are the most inquisitive bunch of people you can ever meet, right from when you bring his baby sister/brother home from the hospital, he/she is already wondering where the baby came out from. As a child I thought about it too, I mean where babies come out from. I had different stories in my head till a very unpleasant boy in primary school told some members of the class during recess, I thought I disgusting and swore never to have kids. I was barely eight at that time.

How young is too young? This question is propelled by the sudden realization that there is no standard sex education in our primary schools. And the shocking thing here is that most of these kids are abused and violated as young as age five; from the experiments in the bathroom, to being carried by that uncle on his lap.

Most people will tell you that teaching pre-pubescent children about sex will only worsen the problem, that these kids need to be just kids, or that you should focus more on building their character in order to learn self-restraint, but I say no.

Pedophiles don’t wait for our babes to even learn how to sing the alphabets before they lay their disgusting hands on them. They don’t wait for them to see their first menses or even have their first wet dream before they come with the absurd suggestions and ideas.

“Follow me to my room, I’ll give you more candies” or

“Can I touch your weeny?”

These children need to be taught about sex, about guarding their bodies, about undisciplined uncles and aunts. We need to teach them that no one should touch these body parts anyhow, not step father, not uncle, not aunts. And we need to establish that cordial relationship with our kids, make them understand that they can discuss anything with us, even when aunty/uncle threatens them.

I saw a thread on twitter the other day, the one that had women of different races and different backgrounds talking about how they were molested as kids, and I discovered a constant fact. I discovered that most of these ladies were not yet in puberty when it happened, and you still say we shouldn’t tell them? I also discovered that most of these molesters were people close to home, people we readily trust; uncles, stepfathers, cousins, family friends, pastors, and church members.

I wish someone had discussed sex with me as a child, I wish someone had told me that the “raise your skirt” game with my cousin was not really a game.