This list includes a set of linguistic terms, often improper and colloquial, used to refer to sexual activities, organs, and the types of people who engage in it.

Smashing-Smashing has to do with aggressive intentions, and a shapely behind. You picture the fine behind, and how to want to really “smash” that. It’s typically just having sex, without the images though.

Knacking-This is a Nigerian slang, made popular by Terry G in “Free Madness”. Knacking evokes the picture of “hitting with something big” to mind, a close cousin of smashing. It simply means to have sex.

Body Count –Body count is simply the number of people you’ve slept with, for those who keep count though. And anybody can keep body count, boy or girl.

Netflix and Chill-This is disguised booty-call or casual sex between partners or fuck buddies. It involves inviting someone to watch Netflix with you and then ending up together in bed.

Cougar– A cougar is an older woman who seeks sexual pleasure with younger men, like what most people know as “sugar mummy”.

Hot Karl-This refers to a sexual act involving faeces, defecating on one’s sexual partner especially when he/she is asleep. Like ewwww!

Horizontal Refreshment-This simply means having sex.

Ghosting –This is a sexually act where you are taking your partner from behind, and halfway through the act you leave and someone else takes over (often without your partner’s knowledge).

Self-Fuck-buddy –This is mostly someone you send sexy nude pictures to, and they sometimes reply in kind. They are mostly far from you so you often don’t have the opportunity to meet and have sex. An advanced version of fuck-buddy.

Spinster-sexual –In this world, women no longer need men; rather they rely on their sex toys and accessible gay porn. Thanks to feminism and Vibrators.

ABC Sex- This is ceremonial sex, happens on anniversaries, birthdays, and on Christmas. It is not always regular though, so you look forward to it.

Booty grazing-Booty grazing involves booty call and speed dial but on a higher scale. Here it means texting a number of “bootys” (women) and hoping that one of them will agree to have sex with you. Karma is when they all say yes, Hehehehe!

Sexercisim –This happens when you break up with someone you really like, and then you hook up with another person probably to forget the person. This can also be known as rebound sex.

Pornocchio-This is someone who exaggerates his/her sexual exploits. Something like someone who kisses and “tales”, and then adds extra sauce to it.