Okay, I’m not here to twist your bible to suit my rants, neither will I bother to point out your irregular steadfastness especially when it comes to bible passages that benefit you and your interests as a man. I won’t even bother with the submission part and your opinion about it.

See, I have a special problem with people who practically make it their business to tell you how to run your affairs. They will always quote portions of the scripture to push their busy-body ministries.

I’ve come across females who are totally in support of abortion, and others for whom childbearing is not a divine obligation. In much simpler words, these women don’t want to bear children, can’t gamble with their lives just because a baby is involved, and I totally respect them for making choices about their bodies.  And when they say this, you come for them with the long over-used “go into world and multiply” line.

When God said that, he didn’t say you should birth babies mindlessly neither did he say you should give birth to a football team even when there is no money to train them. So you leave them, like litter pigs, to scavenge to survive.

But everybody is not a Christian, most people do not even care about your bible, and yeah you can’t lynch them. They do not care about your biblical injunctions, divine duties and all. And there is nothing wrong with them; they just don’t want to have kids.

But you (Salvation Army) would never allow them rest on top their personal choice, on top your twelve kids hawking on the highway to survive; you still shamelessly come to reclaim their ‘lost’ souls with your biblical passages.

You try to use it to invalidate queer sexualities, and tell people that being with your kind stops them from scattering their maker’s image all over the place. Like who cares?

You try to use it to invalidate a woman’s right over her body, and her right to choose by instituting motherhood as the only identity for her.

Then you further straighten the notion that women are mere appendages to men, are necks, and are child bearers.

Here is the bitter truth, there are woman who have complete control over their bodies, they don’t want to have kids, and they don’t want the ‘privilege’ of being mothers. They just want to find love, live and be happy. So you can go ahead and choke on those passages.

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