Warning: If you don’t understand the intention behind “alternative history”, i advise that you don’t read this post. And it’s purely fiction, all fictitious i swear.

Shekau suddenly woke up one morning to announce to his roommates that he received a message from Allah, this was after months of boycotting classes with the claim that the Islamic scholars in the school all taught adulterated truth from the Koran, and all deserved to be killed. Nobody paid heed to his claim, since he was popular in the dorm for his eccentricity, exaggerated sense of over-importance, and drama. He would claim to have visited places and met with different ‘true’ scholars of the Koran, when everybody knows he never leaves the room. He would stay in all day and read his Koran, often forgetting to groom himself.

Sometimes, he would stay up all night to yap with his imaginary friend,Asad .  Though he speaks English, Fulani, Arabic, and Hausa fluently, he preferred talking to Asad in English, even when he hates the native speakers.

Shekau’s story about his background was always changing; today he would claim to have originally been born in Sudan, only to be abducted and taken to Nigeria, other times, it would be that his father was an Iraqi national that got married to a Kanuri woman and he was born. Since virtually everyone knew him too well, his stories were often for new students, or people who wanted to entertain themselves. And he believes that they all talk about him behind his back, and he doesn’t trust any of them.

And how he related with the girls was disturbing. He would tell his roommates that forcing himself on girls would make them like him better, that after all he was Allah’s true servant. He preached that the best way to get women to be truly devoted to Allah was to abduct them and force them to wear hijab and stay in Purdahs.

He was soon expelled for attacking a girl who he claimed was naked for not wearing a full-body hijab. It was good riddance to long overdue rubbish, and the needed reason for the school to offload him. His grades were failing, and he was instigating rebellion in the dormitories, but since he was Sheik Tamil’s ward, they couldn’t just expel him like that.

But Abubakar Shekau  was not sorry for his actions, but was rather glad to leave what he called a “haven of infidels”. He promised to be back to cleanse the place though, and no one heard anything about Shekau for years. They all thought he had died, until he released a video in July 2010 claiming to be the leader of the Islamist militant group, Boko Haram.