Over the years, the rate of people committing suicide or threatening to commit suicide on social media platforms has increased. This becomes tragic in a world where people see suicide threats as publicity stunts or even another joke to laugh about. The truth is that depression is so powerful a feeling that it can make people do bizarre things, so you shouldn’t overlook the signs when you see them.

A Chinese woman with the username Jojostai1012 once posted pictures of her suicide process on Instagram, with people cheering her on with likes and comments. From her previous posts, it was gathered that this young woman has been showing signs of being depressed and having suicidal intentions for some time, but all her followers did was urge her on. Nobody knows if she’s dead or alive, but we know her last picture was with the caption, “I will haunt you day and night after I die”. This becomes a direct criticism of a world where everyone is so preoccupied with his or her smart phone to notice his neighbor in pain. We virtually live on media spaces; we eat, party, study, and commune on social media.

You see a post from a friend, a post about feeling worthless or feeling like shit. And what do you do? You like it or react with a “Haha” emoji and pass? And in your head, you’ve already formed an image of what is happening.

“He’s always whining, desperately looking for attention”

Or you bring your rubbish gender bias into it and you say

“He’s too emotional to be a man” or “He’s a hard man, he would be fine”.

It should bother you if a friend of yours commits suicide on Facebook or any other social media platform , right under your watch, and you did nothing to stop him or her. Rather you egged her/him on with flimsy comments and reactions.

Social media is a blessing, or would be, when we start seeing it one. It gives you access to a lot of people, and you can easily know if someone is depressed or not from her/his posts. Don’t always think it’s a publicity stunt. Even if the person is fond of giving false wolf cries, never stop caring, you never know who you would save one day.

And remember, “Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better.”