When my cravings got out of hand last week, a friend of mine told me about this dried fruit packs that are both delicious and nutritious. Even though it sounded too good to be true, of course, it became my mission to get one and try it for myself.

Setting off that hot afternoon to the Spar Mall in Enugu, I found a pack very easily in the cereal and baking supplies section of the mall.

I was so excited to try it. Not only was I badly craving mangoes, but I love to try new food. It didn’t even hurt (much) that I had to fork over #650 for the pack.

At first sight, it’s clear to see that it is very well packaged and airtight, a huge plus. Also, it says no preservatives, and I am a fan!

I got back to the office, settled into a seat and proceeded to munch on these. At first taste, I was like…hmmm. This could take some getting used to. But then I found myself reaching for another…and another and another as I worked.

Tasty work snack achieved!

Even better, the pack is so filled that I had some left over for the next day. It was definitely money well spent.

This is not a paid ad people, it’s an honest review. Get the nutrition and nourishment you need, instead of settling for junk. I’m glad I did.