“The beats chop belleful” was the first thing I said to myself few minutes into the song.

This fresh track will get you off your seat on your feet, soon gyrating and shaking waist. Pheelz really try for this one. “Money” Captures Adekunle Gold’s usual earnestness, his trust in God and his work hard reap hard mentality.

Adekunle Gold has proved that we can always trust him when it comes to dishing out good music. He simply brings his golden touch to everything.

This is prayer wrapped in layers of sheer goodness; you can even play it on a Sunday and not feel guilty. LOL. Heck, you can play it anytime any day. It could be in the morning before heading out to hustle for the day, and even at night after a long day.

You don’t need to understand Yoruba to enjoy this song, the message is just there.

“Money money ehh, ego” is a language everyone understands.

“Money” captures a man’s sincere prayer for increase, for blessing, and for good life. This man here vows not to be stingy with what “Oluwa” would give him,  that everything he gets will reach others around him.

And you’ve got to give it to Adekunle Gold some credit; he really outdid himself on this track. We can’t wait for the release of the album next year.

This song be giving me excuse to dance Makossa in church. And that instrumental towards the end of the song is dope!

Nice one Adekunle Gold, we need more please. “Money” on repeat though.

Bless me bless me papa, give me good life father