Is fashion as Jon Bellion sang really an aspect of the human condition in today’s world where everyone wants all the materialistic things that money can buy? The more you get, the more you crave? It seems sadly true. And you forced to ask what fashion really is again.

When fashion stops being a form of individualism or a means of self expression, do we still call it fashion? It’s hard to not notice the new definitions of what fashion has become seeing that it now concerns what should trend, or what becomes a mania. The whole idea of what should be a trend or a fad becomes controversial and misleading when a ‘fashion’ conscious majority make it all about class, about ostensible items, or about what everyone should be wearing.

When you collect Chanel bags, Gucci scarves , and Versace shoes, what do you have in mind? Well hello to a world where we hide our insecurities in folds of Prada or Gucci suitcases all in the name of aiming to come off as fashionable. Conformity becomes inevitable. When it comes to the question of being fashion conscious, do you rock these items because the popular mainstream sense of fashion appropriates them as being fashionable, or is it about you? Fashion is inherently self-centered, and amoral.

I believe fashion has to do with what you feel comfortable in, settling for flat shoes ’cause they make you feel more comfortable and not heels because they make you more girly, more ‘fashionable. And this is where alternative fashion comes into the picture. alternative fashion stands away from commercial mainstream fashion and includes the fashions of specific subcultures such as the Goth, Heavy-metal, rock, or even the queer subcultures.

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The whole sense of fashion is simply about non-conformity, about originality. Fashion should be all about expressing what you carry inside of you, about expressing how you feel, about who you are. Fashion does not aim to be artistic but ends up artistic anyway. If your life is as chaotic as a bloc of colours, show it. If you live and breathe rebellion, your sense of fashion should not make that hard to see. It’s an avenue of self expression, just like music. It shouldn’t care about conforming to the mainstream idea of what should be deemed fashionable or not.

So free yourself from the shackles of colour regulation, fly the rainbow flag baby!