You started to show interest in your second year in the university, after his latest threat, the one about taking you away from her; and that was years after begging her to truthfully tell you what transpired between them, him and your mother. You were tired of her well-scripted “he left us” stories, where she was always the disadvantaged one. According to her, he said he wanted a younger and  prettier wife. A university wife, and not your mother with her standard six certificate. You hated him for making you hate yourself, they say you are his spitting image, and you hate being a daily reminder of your mother’s misfortune. You hate his guts too, and the money he manipulates to make your mother miserable.

So after your final exams, you decided to pay him a visit. You did not tell your mother ’cause you know she’ll probably discourage you. You got his address from your uncle, though you didn’t tell him what you wanted to do. Him and his peace talks, you only wanted to see your fool of a father.

But your mind went off the loaded revolver in your knapsack the moment you saw them, him and the one who replaced your mother. And when they stepped forward as if to hug you, the long lost son, you tried so hard not to laugh. At the sight of his bloated belly and her big tummy, the anger you’ve harboured for years left you. You imagined their amorphous forms trying to fuse as they make love, then you turned and left.