Certain things can jolt you back to reality, can help redirect you to the existential path of finally realizing that life is nothing. For me, it took the death of a friend and classmate to remind how entirely fucked up life is. A promising young girl so full of life just slept and did not wake up. Her death scared me, who knew brevity can be so scary.

I wonder how it feels to die though, to sleep and not wake up. To have everyone, even the girl you quarreled with last week say all lovely sturvs about you. Then you realise “death is that birthday party in your honour you weren’t invited to.”

Why bother then?

Have you ever paused to think what life would have been like if there was nothing like love, or family, or even booze?

Then you think of the things death can do to you, such rude awakening. Death makes you more philosophical, death can make you an atheist, it can make you realize how fickle life is. It also teaches you to accept your fate, the fate of a punching bag or a bloody actor. You take hit after hit, but you can’t give back. You act your part and fucking leave the stage for others. It turns you into a comedian, why be so serious when we’ll all die. It makes you numb too. But importantly, death teaches you to enjoy what’s left of life.

But in the wake of all these, I believe the pursuit of happiness is key. Follow your heart, fall in love, create wonderful memories, hurt, and learn. Do what makes you happy(as long as it doesn’t infringe on the happiness of others), ’cause you never know when the reaper would come for your ass. Take risks, challenge yourself, and don’t forget that “think twice” is only a passionless entreaty.

Remember you only live once, make the best of the time you have now. Pursue your definition of happiness; love, money, success or contentment. All valid.