In the spirit of not giving free fucks on an awesome Monday morning.
Out of a “#WomenAreNotTheirOwnWorstEnemies” state of mind.
This is for men who think “you are not like other girls” is actually a compliment.

And she’s at one corner sipping her vodka and relishing in the gratifying silence of finally getting a paycheck after one helluva week. And as a baby girl, she does not rush to the nearest church to give one tenth of what she has earned this week,nah, instead she goes to the favourite bar to drown in Alcohol.
And you, prince charming, thinking she is some damsel in distress ambles over to her space, in all your masculine glory to say hi and reveal your Nigerian-ness by asking if she was emotionally troubled, as if i was any of your business.

Well, your sins didn’t start to count until you tell her she didn’t behave like other girls. And you actually smirked while saying that. But this Baby girl did not bail out on the usual Friday hangout with her friends to come sit here and listen to the rubbish you have to spew. And she goads you further, to see how profoundly stupid you could get, and boy did you not disappoint. Then you go ahead to explain the intention behind the “you are not like other girls” line; how other girls would wait for a man to take them out and buy drinks for them, how other girls would wilt like roses without a man’s attention.

Then she smiles and tells you you are right, she is not like other girls, that she is actually worse than other girls. That she drinks too much, shouts profanities out loud unlike other girls, sleeps with random men and don’t call them back. She further tells you of her dislike for men who talk too much and don’t respect private space, like you. Then she tells you to fuck off and not bother her again.

And she comes here to rant.

But seriously, what’s with you guys and your sloppy compliments? Can’t you compliment a woman and not bring your insecurity into it? And why do you keep propagating the notion that women are their own worst enemies?

I know lots of women who support other women, and they are not jealous of them one bit. So stop promoting that narrative. I know it’s flattering to have two women fight for you attention, but it has to stop.

Stop pitting women against each other. And for the women, yes there is the Sis code, and while doing unthinkable stuffs for the D, don’t you dare break it.

And Price Charming ehn, next time you see a woman don’t rush to her tell her how you think she’s not like other girls, it’s a derogatory statement and not a compliment. I don’t think it’s hard to understand if you really try hard enough.