Once upon a time, there lived a man we know as Carrot-Face. Carrot-Face is an old rich fool who started off as a business man and now rules a country. Carrot face is dumb and claims to be colour blind. He believes that mixing white and black makes you controversial and that controversy translates to fame, he also believes that he can deny the existence of White and Black even when he lives in a White-House built by Black-People.

He plays way too much, always appearing on the news for always kidding. But unlike other kids who own tree houses, he owns a gigantic tower.
Carrot-Face has a loud mouth and a hateful heart. He hates people who don’t have his Orange complexion; Immigrants, Queer people and Mexicans. He is obsessed with building walls and using words not in any dictionary. He spends his time and data trying to match J. K. Rowling biting witticisms, but right at his backyard is a hot plate of nuclear bomb served by the North Koreans and thousand of Captain Underpants posters.

Then there is his Model-wife. His model wife reminds you of walking Viagra, a wife he marries to exaggerate his sexual prowess in bed. We all know the truth though. She is a trophy wife too, Carrot-Face is always bragging about her emotionless face, slender body, and low-key escort skills. The Model-Wife babysits him and his eccentricity, staying probably because of the money, the affluence, and Designer Labels. I mean why else would she want to stay with a lame joystick you have to work to life every, single, time.

Carrot-Face is a bad president, as well as a bad business man. His lame attempts at being a dignified World president and his numerous failed business projects attest to that. He has a crappy fashion sense too, always caught in ugly looking suits and looking funny with that unfortunate Mohawk to compliment his carrot face.

Carrot-Face is a bully too, a bully created from years of deficient attention and lack of common sense downloadable for free in Google Play store. He pushes his duties to his vice and instead climbs into his closet to troll people on Twitter. And from his closet, he makes “anti” bills- anti-Trans, anti-LGBTQIA, anti-Mexicans, anti-North Koreans, anti-Love,anti-Common sense. On the days he goes to work, he lampoons people with his sadist cabinet, makes the daily news by snatching candies from babies and groping helpless immigrant women.

Then he takes the POTUS tag and makes a lotus of it, and exchanges it for some stupid sign on top some Noodle shop in distant China town. Carrot-Face also has a knack for firing people who he thinks are incompetent, and we think that’s so ironic of him. Carrot-Face is in the news again, another rapper just destroyed what’s left of his orange face, and he is yet to reply. We knew he would though, he lives for petty games like this.