The craze for designer wears has become a trend following the raise of young people and celebrities who live to flaunt items like designer wears, accessories, and even hard currency on social media. However, the view that musicians and performers are the ones guilty of this showy lifestyle has been refuted by a new set of rich and fresh youngsters. At the head of this impertinent tribe of flashers is a personality like Hush Puppi, the self-acclaimed Gucci ambassador. Hush Puppi is neither a performer nor a musician, but an extremely ‘rich’ guy who gained popularity through flaunting his expensive designer labels on Instagram. Hush Puppi, whose real name is Raymond Ighalodely is not only popular for wearing millions on his body and spending millions on expensive cars and drinks, for his internet ‘policing’. He acts like a Gucci detective, identifying real and fake designer wears, and at one time called out musicians like Phyno, Ice Prince and Kcee who (according to him) wear fake designer wears and accessories.
This outrageous bunch share pictures of their affluent lives which include pictures of their private jets, exotic pets, personalised plates, plenty partying, and luxury holiday on the Instagram account @richkidsnaija . While some take up nicknames with names of different currencies or even the word money itself as identifiers, like E-money (Emeka Okonkwo), B-Naira (Bayo Adewale), others like Mopha, Toke Makinwa, Chika Ike, Liz Anjorin, and the rest. Be quick to condemn and you are termed a pauper, or the ever classic hater.

It becomes a problem when younger people see these personalities as role models to follow and emulate. You don’t even what to imagine a possibility of there being a real life vanitypolis. Try and visualise a life where kids stop caring about who to crush on, about getting high grades, or even about small things that should matter but instead wage Gucci and Prada wars instead. Affectations and vanity are not your classic nation or character building ideals. No surprises when illegal careers like yahoo or armed robbery flourish or gain more disciples, youths want fast and excess money too.
Anyway, who seriousness epp? I think my Gucci is more Gucci than yours though. I mean the red and deep green lines are clearer, and the word “Gucci” on mine is spelt correctly, so bitch be humble!