Mi Gente, the remix has ousted the global mega-hit Despacito to grace the number one spot. The song was released following the aftermath of the devastating hurricanes (Harvey and Maria), along with the earthquake in Mexico.
Mi Gente, which is a charity song meant for the Hurricane relief features Beyonce singing in Spanish in her first music since giving birth to twins in June. The original Mi Gente, which Colombian star J Balvin created from an adaptation of DJ Willy William to African beats has been under the huge shadow of the number one Despacito for 11 weeks now, till Beyonce came with the B-magic in the remix and pushed the song to the number one spot.

Beyonce in an Instagram video revealed that the proceeds from the remix would go to the victims of the trio hurricanes that affected the Caribbean Islands and the Southern United States. The track is also the first all-Spanish language song to hit the number 1 spot on Spotify’s top 50 chart. This is a welcome development for Spanish music, with the likes Despacito, Subeme La Radio remix and now Mi Gente, creating waves and enjoying massive airplay. Reports say that her daughter, Blu ivy, and her love for the song may have motivated her yes to the request from Balvin and his team.

Mi Gente means my people in Spanish.