Who knew leaving school was more than the “straight outta UNN” tees or even the sampling of Styplus’s “4 years”  with a parade round campus? The question no one seems to be asking is “what comes next?”, and then the harsh reality of going into a world you are totally unprepared for; a world that has no space for you, a world where you need more than just passion o survive in.
You’d come to agree that slaying and getting good grades in school are much easier than carrying files upandan in search of jobs. The frustration of not getting encouraging replies, and having employers give you the “sucha greenhorn” attitude soon starts to get to you. You soon start to doubt yourself and everything positive and promising your lecturers have been telling you about yourself, they must have been lying since you cannot seem to land a simple job even with your impressive CV and recommendations.
Depression becomes your portion if you don’t already have a job reserved for you (as an OBO concerned), or have a solid business already in existence. And the funniest thing is that everyone around expects you to have everything figured out, and that is probably why you’d soon stop getting money(allowance) from your parents or siblings once they know you’ve defended your project.

Then love fails you too because your partner, already a privileged working class, cannot seem to understand the fuss about getting a job, or planning your future. It soon becomes a problem and the love suddenly grows cold.
And you start to realise that your previous bad-mouthing of people who flaunt the “self-made” testimonies was only a gbefun onetime. While in reality the only things you’ve got are your passions, your inexperience, and your strive to charge of your life.

They never said it would be easy, neither did they say it would be this hard.