“You ain’t one of us!”
“Our inside jokes…”
These are their associative lines, meant solely to remind you of the privileges and respect they’ve created for themselves which you cannot partake in. I vividly remember my younger years on 2go where exclusivism was a trend, where people were rated based on how witty, smart, non-conforming and ‘intelligent’ they are. You see teenagers forming cliques and elite groups, the higher the exclusiveness the more respect it garnered. Left with my intrinsic anti-government and anti-elitism tendencies, I tried so hard to fit in.

But is there is anything like mainstream intelligence?

It’s really nothing new to see people with the different types of intelligence and variant interests coming together to form barricaded groups, groups that keep others unlike them out.
This absurd elitism creeps into the space for music lovers, with people who listen to foreign artistes wholeheartedly believing that people who listen to Nigerian artistes are shallow , likewise people who watch Nollywood movies. On the other hand are  the philosophers and the free-thinkers, with their belief that people who subscribe to secular beliefs are often ignorant. The science nerds are not entirely left out, as they form closeted groups to keep the arts inclined folks especially those who don’t speak codes and figures out. And there is your all-too-famous academic elitism, where intellectuals, avid book readers and ivy-league graduates form forums to keep an “average Joe” out. They set standards which you fight to aspire to because you want to be like them, and you shed your essence unconsciously under their influence.
Even the popular “if you can’t beat em join em” mentality does not even apply here, and why’s that?simple!They are snobs, and they don’t want your membership. So pick yourself up and take your sulking face back to your mother.
The worst part of it all is that these aforementioned groups intermittently bring their prejudice to public spaces, preaching sermons of segregation and exclusion, further dividing the human populace already marred by division and disintegration.

Live, breathe, and advocate Anti-elitism.