This question comes in the heel of the latest announcement of the chief executive of the Boy Scouts of America about the inclusion of girls into the Boys Scouts of America programmes which he believes would reflect the changing nature of the American life. However, this announcement has sparked divergent reactions from the public, and coupled with the not too recent controversial Dove advertisement, we can’t help but ask more questions about the longevity of the ‘United’ States of America.
America has prided herself as being a trailblazer, from her numerous accommodating overtures towards the LGBTQIA community to her integrative attempts to include people from different races into the ever popular American dream. So you have a country and habitation for  people with different political, social,religious views, different creeds, ancestry, preferences. You can as well say that American is a full bag of M&Ms, and yummy Oreo. The fight for inclusion and to encourage diversity can be said to be another reason why the erring Southern and Northern parts of American had to fight a civil war, with the end result giving birth to a more variegated America.

But the recent controversy following the Dove advertisement has got me asking if this diversity and fight for inclusion is really a bad idea, i mean there are so many toes to be trampled on once you step out of line. You have black women crying foul at the Dove adverts, and on one side you have the entire Queer community criticising Douchebag Trump’s anti-LGBT policies.

America continues to be a pacesetter, in terms of popular culture and even arts (heck they gave us the Beats generation), but how long before their popular ideals of inclusion and diversity turns into a curse, not just to them but to other lovers of America? Once one cracks emerges, other cracks are bound to follow. More groups with different preferences and sensibilities will still emerge and the boundaries will keep changing and changing till there is none left.

God bless their America though.