There is a new group of millennial in town; ranging from feminists to classy heathens who aspire to be just like the twenty-one pilots. They might spend all day listening to Khalid’s songs, combing their afros, snatching weaves on social media spaces, or hung on gadgets, but they are real. They are passionate, even more passionate than the generations before them, and so expressive.

And the spirit of individualism rules this generation. They are also noted for their ground-breaking trends in fashion, music, and lifestyle. The much obvious examples are the ripped-jeans, the dreadlocks, the many piercings, the ridiculous dance moves, the weird music genres, and the rest.

In this generation, we see more groups like the slayqueens, the PepperDemGang sisters/brothers, and the bitter-leaf-juice feminists. Here, we see women owing slutiness, and “hoe-ship”. These women are all vocal about slut-shaming and body-

shaming. They are more financially-independent and more liberal than ever, not thinking twice to leave abusive relationships even with inanimate things.

Next on the list are the beard-gang niggas. This set of guys defy all odd to grow their lovely goatees. You see parents, pastors, and even lecturers threatening them. But even with the negative stereotypes and pressure, they still refuse to conform to that image of a well-shaven man as being default. The same thing applies to the dreadlock brothers too.

Then the controversial feminists, with their bile and zero chill. They don’t hesitate to drag sexists to hell, or to dismantle patriarchal structures. These women exercise freedom over their bodies and in their myriad choices like never before. Most of them go against age-hewn value systems, moral codes, and religious ideologies.

Close behind are the heathens, the atheists, and the pro-LGBT activists. They hold meeting sessions and seminars promoting the ideals of inclusion, love, freedom, difference, and individualism.

Not minding their differences and divergent interests, they are allergic to bullshit, and covfefe is their favourite word.