We’re angry at Dove, but their constantly racially insensitive ads have buttressed one point we in this country tend to ignore: we need to buy Nigerian!

I don’t believe the foreign hype, really. There are Nigerian brands making names for themselves, but it seems like they are more acclaimed everywhere else. It is time for us to shift our focus and encourage Nigerian beauty brands to do better.

That being said, here is a spotlight of some of my favourite Nigerian brands for beauty and hair and skincare.


This brand is blazing a trail in naturally sourced and produced hair and skincare products. Inventive and formulated for black skin and kinky hair, Natural Nigerian delivers quality, affordable products you should definitely check out. Their website also incorporates wellness advice and tips on living and loving healthy in Nigeria.


Created by famous Nollywood actress Nse Ikpe Etim, Eden’s Theory combines excellent imagination with organic, world-class skincare and hair care products, with a range that includes customised scents and perfumes. A stroll through their Instagram page will expose you not just to beautiful and well-packaged products, but to black pride and excellent taste as well. They also promote wellness and health, both physical and mental. Check them out today.


Specially formulated to cater to the unique needs of our skin, Tara Beauty was founded by Tara Fela-Durotoye. A homegrown initiative, tara’s makeup products have shaped a niche for their original colouring and catchy names. So when next you’re in the market for makeup, put down the foreign stuff and buy Naija.


Rihanna’s make up line gets an honourable mention even though she is not Nigerian. Since its launch, Fenty has gotten rave reviews from women of all shades for how inclusive and sensitive to the diversity of black skin colours her foundations and powders are. No more subtle lightening of black-skinned women because they cannot find a colour that matches. Even albino sisters have found perfect matches for their skin colours, and it seems like no one can stop talking about it! Rihanna has done a truly wonderful thing which begs the question: why hadn’t it been done sooner?

Don’t just buy Naija to grow the naira, buy Naija because it is our own. Buy Naija to encourage women-owned, black-owned businesses. And buy Naija so your skin can glow irrespective of its colour.