Simi’s new album “Simisola” was greeted with much excitement and fervour, as one of the hits, Joromi, has been enjoying constant reply on the air waves. Joromi is a story of a young woman who has a crush on a young man. This young man is shown as being oblivious to the ‘green light’ or signals the young woman has been giving him for some time, or even recognizing that the constant forgotten yellow purse is only an excuse to see him again.

The beat is beautiful but the lyrics are a no-no. What is she trying to say sef?

I dey give you signal (joromi)
Why you no dey see me ah (joromi)
I give you green light tire (joromi Joro)
Omo kilon bubble o (Joromi)
Make you no dey fumble o (Joromi)
I go shoot my shot e o Joro

So Joro baby take my number
(Take my number)
You know you can call me later
(Call me later)
Me I want to be you lover
(Be your lover)
On baby, call me later
(Call me later)

I believe the world has evolved past where a woman has to keep waiting for a man to make the first move. If you like him tell him already, don’t leave him having to contend with your many green lights and ogling. Is he a traffic warden, and even if he is nko?Standing hours on the road everyday is enough work.

And which one is “take my number and call me later?” Walk up to him, compliment him, buy him a drink maybe, and ask for his number. I believe women should be more expressive, and if it’s a romp you are aiming for, go for it girl. Women are allowed one night stands too. You can sleep with him and not call him the next day, yeah it’s allowed.

Life is too short to like someone and not tell them. Jesus didn’t die on the cross for that shit.


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