The first time i heard Sia’s voice, i fell ‘parachute-lessly’ in love. Her powerful lyrics, her wall-shattering voice and the title of her songs all joined to convince me that magic exists. Churning out ingenious albums like “Healing is Difficult”, “Colour the Small One” and “1000 Forms of Fear” with so-literary titles is enough proof that even Musicians(like Bob Dylan) deserve the Nobel prize for literature. The ingenuity does not just end at the very literary titles of her albums, but also includes the brilliant theatrics incorporated into her music videos and live performances; a perfect union of theatre and symphony.

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, the Australian music sensation, is not only a singer but also a songwriter. She co-wrote songs for notable artists like Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Beyonce, Flo Rida, and even our bad girl Riri. The songwriter job however, came after she retired from being a recording artist.

Then the trademark disguise; Bob wigs covering half of her face and the use of absent personas in her music videos, were to her attempts to secure her privacy. She became totally uncomfortable with the ‘too open’ life, the unexpected intrusions, and the constant judgement associated with being a celebrity.

Not minding the constant modest claim that she is just a pop singer and not an artist, Sia has constantly proved that she “really finds herself in her melodies” by dropping beautiful pieces like ‘Chandelier’, ‘Elastic heart’ , the entire ‘This is Acting’ album, and recently, her collabo with Zayn Malik on “Dusk till Dawn”. Like who knew compatibility was a thing in music? two powerful voices coming together to make beautiful music. Sia has also contributed to the sound tracks of movies like “Lion” and “Wonder Woman”.

But it has not been easy for this magic fairy who had once considered suicide and has admitted to have been dependent on drugs at one point. But what’s magic without a little darkness?

Sia is Sensational, and even though the Grammy awards are yet to fully accept that(with three nominations and no win), we cannot deny the impact of her beautiful music. With tracks like ‘Chandelier’, ‘Cheap thrills’, ‘House on Fire’ and “The Greatest’, this songbird has made her bed with the angels .

And never forget, a daily dose of Sia keeps the doctor away.