Drop that careless abandon you always adopt whenever a cartoon is involved, this is not your everyday cartoon network ‘harmless’ animation. This is the main shit.

“it’s totally harmless”, you say. Then you allow your kids watch it. Lousy parent! The  funniest is that Nigerians always keen to go all moral ninja on a piece of entertainment that involves lots of kissing and mumu mumu touching, (and most times these pieces of entertainment scream obscenity at first glance) will not even notice the heavy sexual allusions in this movie.

So Sausage Party is an adult animation about sausages, pickles and donuts that engage in a wild orgies, drop lewd sex jokes, flaunt obvious genitals,and incorporates gay characters. So basically, it is not just an innocent animation. The movies got many ‘Judge Judy’ black labels and puritan bashing when it was released, ranging from its stupid humour, to the disgusting portrayal of food items which we eat(like who would want to eat bagels again after watching the animated selves masturbate? or even attempt to eat donuts with pubic hair?gagging sounds#)

Aside these, i personally think Sausage Party is a great movie, parody, and the best thing that can come from the producers of a wack-ass movie like “This is the End”, and that’s a sub.

Bringing my Nigerian sensibilities into this review, that movie is from hell. It’s another ploy from the devil to drag our innocent children to hell, children who know nothing about porn or obscenity. Well-armed with my born-again affiliations, me and other holier-than-thou Christians will personally lead a protest to Aso-Rock.  Any television station that shows it should be closed down, and the workers all sent to prison, especially the Christians among them. It seems the devil keeps undermining our efforts to save more souls for God,he has finally succeeded in buying over all the entertainment industry.

As for the producers of this evil movie, i will stalk them to work and back. I will make sure i preach to them whenever we meet, even in a sauna.  How can they be comfortable with the knowledge that they are heading to hell? Agents of the devil! I might even support the more eccentric Moslems who are planning to bomb the production house and kill the makers of the film. We all share a common stance in issues of immorality like this.

Away from the prying eyes of my Christian brethren, i might slot in the movie and see what the fuss is all about sha. Watching Donuts and Sausages doing it is not the same with watching the real thing nah, it won’t even turn somebody on.


Let me go to the bathroom sha, ayam coming. And that pun was intended.