Photo credit: Jide Odukoya


Enugu has the beauty of an antique piece,and it has evolved to become a city i love so much, maybe because it caters for my many absurd interests. Enugu also has this inexplicable beauty, captured in its ruins and the charming tales from its years as a miners settlement. The streets are like boulevards, your friendliest neighbourhood with familiar faces hanging on the porches, replying to your greetings in condensed igbo.

Then the abacha na ugba joints, and the yellowy goodness of Okpa Enugu. But asides these surrealist offers, Enugu is a pile of filth and smelly “chime-abandoned” sewers.

Akant deal biko!

So i noticed that almost everyone in Enugu is in a hurry, to where i know not. And this “always in a hurry” behaviour is the reason why there are always traffic jams in this or that part of Enugu.

Enugu bus drivers are the worst there are, anywhere in the world. Ever heard of the mediocre and foul-mouthed combo? You’ve got em! They are insensitive, very rude, always have this annoying “i don’t give a fvck about your opinion(s)” air about them. And they are the worst law breakers you’d ever find. Enugu bus drivers will break all the traffic laws and still go about sourcing for more traffic laws outside Nigeria to break. They can stop in the middle of the road to pick just one passenger, totally ignoring the car honks behind them. And they are always unprepared, running around town with empty fuel tanks, only remembering to refill when the bus is full and ready to leave. Like don’t these people know that time is money?

And don’t get me started with the keke drivers. These sets are like mosquitoes, always disturbing your life. They will leave their very comfortable and wide road and follow you up to the pedestrian lane, even running over your toes. And they are foul-mouthed, wasting no time to murder your ancestors and use their bones for toothpick. And it’s worse if you are a woman, they will catcall you, make dry jokes about your ‘bumbum’ or ‘booby’ and still call you ashewo on top of all the violation. And they are so selfish, hiking prices like they lent ex-governor Chime money to build the roads.