GUEST POST: Harmattan Is Here: My Three Favorite Harmattan Drinks

Hello, how did your week kick off? Good? How have you been, cold abi? Well get used to it, it’s going to be here for a few more weeks.

Anyways, during the harmattan season, you are going to have to keep yourself hydrated and prevent your throat from being too dry. Apart from the regular fizzy drinks which traffic vendors tempt us with on a daily basis, I have come to settle on three particular thirst-quenchers…


Drinking room temperature water can aid in preventing harmattan related infections. The water flushes out toxins from the body and makes you healthy, strong and resistant from possible infections.


For me, this is my go-to drink any day, any time. Why not get a bottle of refreshingly tangy Wilson’s lemonade to keep you hydrated and enriched with a high source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. A bottle of Wilson’s lemonade is about 200 naira. It comes in two flavours; lemon and hibiscus (zobo) with lemon. Whichever one you choose, is still a good choice.


Sofresh has two branches in Lagos, one at Ikoyi and the other at Ikeja. Smoothies made out of fresh “in season” fruits are made and can be purchased at any SoFresh branch. My favorite is the Snow White Smoothie which has pineapples, soursops and green apples. This would make an ideal drink for harmattan. With the presence of fresh fruits, it makes the immune system stronger and much more resistant.

Which one would you like to have?

PS: I discovered an awesome cocktail recipe that involves Wilson’s Lemonade, some vodka, Ginger and lots of ice. *wink*

SOURCE: Lagos Culture Blog